Manual Door Elevators

These doors are normally opened or closed manually using hands, although some of them close automatically. Most older and small European elevators from the 1950s to 1970s are using manual hinged door (similar to normal room doors), while the inside has a manual sliding scissor gate or often there is no door at all. For manual doors, sometimes the door can be spring loaded so the gate can't be left open, or the gate can automatically close when you press the button, and partly/completely close when the elevator gets to a floor.

We have a wide range of these elevators which are most reliable and designed to suit every construction requirements and provide best vertical transportation solutions, with trouble free performance and low maintenance cost.


  • Collapsible / Imperforated / Three Fold Sliding / Swing Doors
  • Powder Coated (Multi Colour) cars and Doors, elegant in look, light in weight and variable speed options
  • M.S. / S.S. Panels
  • Microprocessor based controller with full collective-selective control
  • AC V3F drive for smooth operations and variable speeds.
  • Overload Indications and Floor Announcement System
  • Luminous Push Buttons /Touch Buttons, which are attractive and durable.
  • Digital/LCD Floor Indication in LOP & COP
  • Decorative LED lights with suspended false ceiling
  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) for safety on Power Failure
  • PVC/Marble/Granite Flooring
  • Blower/Fan for multi-cross air delivery